IP Disclaimer

The BioHackathon Europe is organised and funded by the ELIXIR Hub and does not retain any license or any intellectual property rights over any Participant’s submission.

ANY CODE DEVELOPED BY THE PARTICIPANTS SHALL BE OWNED BY THE PARTICIPANT(S) TOGETHER WITH THE CORRESPONDING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Participants are responsible for their licence definition and complaint with any software dependency or third-party licences. Participants are responsible to manage the intellectual property rights of their projects. Participants confirm not to infringe the copyright of any third party. Participants hold the ELIXIR Hub harmless against all claims or lawsuits arising out of any injury, illness, or damage.

Code added to the biohackathon projects repository will be open source under the MIT licence. It is always possible for participants to create their own repository with a licence of their preference as far as they link to it from the BioHackathon repository. Please notice that a licence MUST be used, i.e., repositories with no licence at all MUST be avoided. Any chosen licence for projects developed as part of the BioHackathon SHOULD be open source